We make on-call suck less.

  • On-call management
  • Incident notifications
  • Live infrastructure timeline

Be victorious.

Our mission is to make being on-call suck less. Manage IT on-call schedules. Set up custom alert notification policies. See a live infrastructure timeline. And collaborate with your team like never before. Try it – we think you’ll like it.

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Plug into your existing monitoring tools to solve problems faster.

VictorOps is Different

Get system alerts how and when you want.

It’s go time. You knew it was coming. Now what? VictorOps opens an incident that puts your customized personal, team and company escalation policies into play. Receive incident notifications through our native mobile apps, SMS messages, or an actual phone call. We won’t stop until we find you.

Drill down to insane detail without leaving your life.

With a swipe of our native Android or iOS mobile app, you’re up to speed on the situation. Are you the one person who sees a pattern in the data that the others don’t? Just add a post to the timeline to get everyone else on the same page.

You’re not alone.

Invite a buddy to help you through the incident with Twitter-like @mentions, and they’ll automatically have situational awareness of everything leading up to it. Swap on-call duty on the fly, and everyone can see the change. Chat with team members right in the app – or easily find their most up-to-date contact information.

We don’t just wake you up when stuff breaks.

VictorOps digests all of the data from your monitoring systems into a timeline feed, so you know the health of your infrastructure at a glance. See what’s up with your team and what they’re talking about.

Integrations & APIs

Nagios + Icinga

Easily manage your infrastructure, including alert forwarding, heartbeat, resync and command poll services.

New Relic

Get full situational awareness of your app performance and collaborate on issues in real-time.

…and many more

Get alerts from any source through our REST and email APIs. You want to send it to us, we’ll take it.

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Plug in your existing monitoring tools, invite some buddies, and you’re up and running. No credit card—or firstborn—required.