We’re not afraid to go toe-to-toe with old school IT alert monitoring tools. That’s because we offer the best alerting and collaboration platform for today’s DevOps teams.


  • On-call management

  • Create teams

  • Route alerts to teams

  • Schedule automatic on-call rotations

  • Set escalation policies to teams, individuals, webhooks, emails, etc.

  • Set personal notification policies

  • One touch on-call handoff

  • Incident notification

  • Via push, SMS, email

  • Push notifications for @mentions

  • Dynamic on-call handoffs

  • Incident creating, routing, acking

  • Page unlimited team members simultaneously

  • Re-route incidents to one or more teams

  • DevOps timeline

  • Live monitoring system data

  • Team member timeline updates

  • Scheduled on-call changes

  • Awareness of on-call swaps

  • Integrated chat platform

  • Post-mortem reporting

  • Team collaboration

  • See team engagement

  • Team member private chat

  • One touch on-call changes

  • Team member dialing, SMS, email all from the click

  • Full up-to-date contact info for every team member

  • Platform ubiquity

  • Web App DevOps timeline

  • Android & iOS DevOps timeline

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