Tame the alerting beast.

Trying to act on disparate sources of monitoring alerts just doesn’t work. You need a way to see what’s happening from all these different sources in line, and figure out what is already being worked on by other people on your team. VictorOps on-call management platform digests data from your monitoring tools and creates a stream of incoming alerts, generating incidents based on rules you’ve defined. Learn more about integrations.

Post-mortems made easy.

With our unified timeline of all activities regarding the firefight in one place (alerts, incident notification, paging steps and chat), it becomes much easier to debrief the entire team as to exactly what happened during an outage. Our post-mortem reporting feature allows you to define a timeline, edit out lines that aren’t interesting, annotate with points that weren’t captured, add a summary to the event and print out your report to share it internally. Learn more about post-mortem reporting.

Keep a pulse on your infrastructure and team.

With VictorOps timeline, get ongoing status updates when you want them, not just alerts when systems approach failure. All the data that VictorOps consumes, as well as interactions between team members, is available to you with powerful filtering and the ability to focus on specific incidents at a time. The timeline gives you both increased situational awareness of your infrastructure as a whole, and fine-grained detail of the data relevant to a particular incident.

Stay mobile.

With a swipe of our native Android and iPhone mobile apps, you’re up to speed instantly with what your infrastructure and systems are doing. And when your infrastructure stops doing what it’s supposed to do, you can see exactly when and in what context the whole scenario went down. Get it on Google Play or download from the iTunes app store.

Centralize infrastructure management.

VictorOps supports first-party monitoring integrations and many other integrations to support your entire incident lifecycle. Alerts from these systems become part of your timeline and trigger incidents based on your settings. We also provide an alert ingestion API that accepts POST requests over HTTPS as well as generic email endpoint. Learn more about integrations.

See how VictorOps does:

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On-call Management

Post-Mortem Reporting

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