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We Make On-Call Suck Less

On-Call Management + Automated Escalations + Centralized System Information

Incident Management Built for the Speed of DevOps

Driven by system data and team collaboration, VictorOps automates getting the right alert to the right person at the right time, reducing alert fatigue and increasing uptime.

Features for Full-Stack Operations

Features for Full-Stack Operations

On-Call Schedules

Set up teams, rotations, and escalation policies. Easily choose contact methods, see active users, and override schedules.

Noise Suppression

Silence unactionable alerts, classify by severity, append remediation information, and reduce on-call burnout.

Live Call Routing

Route incoming support or customer calls to the right responders, enabling person-to-person incident management.


Capture actions with the Post-Incident Review. Leverage out-of-the-box reports to gain insights into MTTR reduction.

API & Webhooks

VictorOps API calls and webhooks extend platform data into other systems, enhancing functionality and flexibility.


VictorOps integrates with chat tools to support and capture team collaboration for timely response, remediation, and automation.


Native VictorOps mobile for iOS and Android provides full incident management functionality without opening your desktop.

Runbooks & Graphs

Append alerts with relevant information, arming teams with incident-related runbooks, graphs, and documentation.

Delivery Insights

Integrate your DevOps toolchain to understand the who, what, when, where, and why of code deployment issues.

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