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Learn About VictorOps

Empowering the Makers of the Software Economy

Today, every technology enabled business is 24/7. Keeping machines running at this pace of innovation no longer affords the luxury of a nine-to-five workday. VictorOps was co-founded in 2012 by a team of passionate technologists who know what it’s like to be responsible for near constant uptime. We’re passionate about incident management, innovation, and an on-call experience that doesn’t totally suck.

VictorOps is located in the heart of downtown Boulder, CO, featuring Flatiron views, local beer on tap, and a team dedicated to supporting the world’s most innovative engineers.


With VictorOps, “on-call” isn’t a four-letter word. Our incident management software aligns log management, monitoring, chat tools, and more, for a single-pane-of-glass into system health.


Join a team of dedicated and passionate individuals. Oh, and we have fun too. Come help us improve the DevOps world.


Check out the latest on all things DevOps, from runbooks to why we use Scala. We’re sharing what’s new in the world of on-call.


Wondering about the current status of the VictorOps platform? Check out our Status Page to find more information.