Today every technology enabled business is 24/7. Keeping the machines running at this pace no longer affords the luxury of a nine to five workday. VictorOps was co-founded in 2012 by a team of passionate technologists that know what it’s like to be responsible for 24/7 uptime.

The VictorOps founders, Todd Vernon, Bryce Ambraziunas, and Dan Jones built the product they needed at their past companies – a better way to troubleshoot problems, get the team engaged faster and save the business money. Together they have over 30 years of DevOps experience working in the trenches to keep their companies always-on.

We’re located in the heart of downtown Boulder, where we feature views of the flatirons from our office windows and local craft beer flowing from our kegerator.


Todd Vernon

CEO / Founder

Todd started his engineering career at NASA before he realized he liked software more than hardware. Since then, Todd’s been the co-founder / CTO of Raindance Communications, helping take the company public and lead its eventual acquisition by West Corporation in 2006. After that, he was co-founder / CEO of Lijit Networks (now sovrn), which has grown into one of the largest real-time ad exchange platforms on the internet. In addition to VictorOps, Todd spends time mentoring TechStars companies and writes a startup column for Inc.
You can follow Todd on twitter @toddvernon.

Bryce Ambraziunas

COO / Founder

Bryce has spent over 17 years in the trenches developing and operating real-time communications services where “downtime just isn’t an option.” This has been Bryce’s mantra throughout his entire career, spanning various roles including Founder, COO and SVP of Operations. Most recently Bryce was the Founder and COO at Affinity VideoNet, a 24×7 videoconferencing company working with some of the most demanding customers on the planet.

Dan Jones

CTO / Founder

With almost 30 years in the software industry, Dan has spent the last 20 years architecting and building scalable 24×7 internet services designed to be “always on.” Having served as Chief Architect and VP of Engineering at two successful start-ups in this space (Raindance Communications and Lijit Networks), he is intimately familiar with what it takes to keep a business running when the slightest outage means lost revenue and unhappy customers.

Management Team

Mark Chessler

VP of Finance

Mark has more than 20 years of experience in a variety of Finance roles. Before joining VictorOps, he spent 5 years as VP of Finance for Lijit Networks (now Sovrn), managing the Accounting and Finance functions from pre-revenue through its acquisition in 2011. Prior to Lijit Networks, Mark held a variety of Finance positions within small to mid-sized technology companies, including Director of Financial Planning and Analysis for Raindance Communications which was a NASDAQ-traded public company before being acquired in 2006.

Tom Hart

VP of OPS/Support

Tom is a passionate advocate for customer success. Having started his career as a Human Rights advocate in Northern Ireland, Tom gained advanced communication skills and the compassionate ability to resolve exceptionally challenging problems. A CU graduate, Tom joined serial entrepreneurs (and VictorOps founders) Todd Vernon, Bryce A, and Dan Jones as part of Raindance Communications, Sovrn, and now VictorOps. Outside of work, Tom is an extremely proud father of two Leprechauns, an accomplished ultra-marathon runner, a fanatical skier, a backcountry adventurer and an “all-things-mountain” advocate and enthusiast.

Dan Hopkins

VP of Engineering

Dan has worked in technology for 15 years. Many of them as an Engineer and now, recently, in an Management role. He was one of the original Engineers at VictorOps and is responsible for much of the backend code. He now happily spends his time listening to and coaching the Engineering team as well as helping to improve the SDLC.

Joni Klippert

VP of Product

Joni has helped grow VictorOps from seed-stage startup to formidable tech company, serving Fortune 500 and DevOps-oriented organizations worldwide. Passionate about solving complex problems, Joni built her product career in highly technical SaaS companies, most recently at StandingCloud (now a division of AppDirect). A regular contributor to Fortune Online on topics ranging from successful teams to brutal prioritization, Joni holds an MBA from the University of Colorado Boulder and is a frequent speaker at technology conferences. Outside of work, you can find her enjoying food and wine and spending time with her partner, Jason, and Master Q, her whippet puppy.

Brad Norris

VP of Sales

With 25 years of enterprise software experience, Brad has shaped the go-to-market and sales strategies for pioneering organizations such as Dataware Technologies, Object Design, netLibrary, Rally Software and VictorOps. Brad’s collaborative leadership approach helps build sales organizations that emphasize continuous improvement, high integrity, and sustainable growth. Prior to VictorOps, Brad ran worldwide field operations for Rally Software, the trailblazer of Agile software development philosophies that led to a successful IPO and acquisition by CA Technologies. Brad holds a bachelors degree in Computer Science Engineering from The Ohio State University with a minor in Philosophy.

Ryan Severns

VP of Analytics

Ryan is the quantitative man behind the VictorOps revenue engine. Leading with a focus on data-driven decision making, Ryan is passionate about data science, statistical analysis, and R, a language and environment for statistical computing and graphics. Hailing from a background in finance, Ryan spent several years working with microfinance institutions located in 17 countries across Africa, Asia, and the Middle East. He holds an MBA with a concentration in marketing from the University of Colorado in Boulder.

Shannah Van Winkle

VP of Customer Success

While we build great technology, Shannah’s passion is ensuring every member of the VictorOps team is waking up and talking about the customer! With more than 20 years in high tech, Shannah is an accomplished leader with diverse experience leading teams and initiatives across customer success, solution selling, product, and marketing organizations. Her sweet spot is building high performing teams to solve complex problems for high growth SaaS organizations and their customers.

The Team

Mike Merideth
Sr Director of IT
Charlie Wanek
Ex-Chemistry Teacher
Kristi Moon
Executive Admin
Jason Roth
Just another developer
Seth Annabel
Lead Nerd-in-the-middle
Jerry Pommer
Web/Mobile Client Development Team Lead
Aaron White
Head of UX
Jason Hand
DevOps "Hand"yman
Nate Grieb
Integrations (and Big Air) Specialist
Andrew Fager
Data Zenmaster
Daytona Barker
Account Wizard
Matt Rapp
Adam Lefkowitz
Pork Chop
Eric Wagner
Dylan Klausing
Customer Success Manager
Aaron Atwell
Drew Nienaber
Account Handler
Dylan Schowengerdt
Customer Success Manager
Karan Reddy
Chief Operations Intern
Tracee Pettigrew
Addicted to Swift
Will La
DevOps & Uptime Guy
Chris Lemper
"Software Engineer"
John Egan
Hannah Klemme
Field Agent 303
Kyle Herring
Director of Demand Gen
Josh D'Souza
Kyle Waldrip
DeAndre Carroll
Zero Theorem Cruncher
Maggie Gourlay
DCI (Detective Chief Inspector)
Greg Frank
Brandon Barrett
Frontend Freak
Jacob Muhle
The Jakub
Erin Osgood
bad and boujee
Jonathan Schwietert
Platform Gingeer
Jessica Kahn
Poet in Residence
Alex Wellock
Sr. "Don't Panic" Manager
Alex Norton
Fidgeting Developer
Audrey Frederick
Makin' it Rain
Mike Carr
"Paul Rudd"
Victoria Perez
Dynamic Functionality Analyst
Carol Bentz
PirateOps Sale-or
Cody Laux
Cooler on the Internet
Bryan Allen
Dr. Software
Dave Scott
Integrating all the things
Summer Wollin
Paul Morgan
Resident Rock Climber
Jarrett Taylor
Best Hair 2017
Drew McKinney
#1 Drew
Marshall Gephart
The Man With No Title
Byron Samaripa
Needs a better title
Davis Godbout
Evan McCalmon
Ops Guy
Casey Kriger
DevOps Fisherman
Benton Rochester
Sir. Benton Rochester the IV
Carter Millane
Runs with Wolves
Sean McBride
You used to call him on the cell phone
Drew Abernethy
Ops-timus Prime
Will Stanton
Adam Moshier
4 Stars
Krista Arredondo
Eat, Pray, DevOps
Peter Lacis
Poutine Flexitarian Master
Matt Macfarlane
Little Matt
Brian Gustafson
Nia Watts
Heart of the Sea
Sarah Waldner
Product Owner
Sean Grady
Marlo Vernon
Marketing Intern
David Giorno
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