Our technical team is on hand to help you at AWS re:Invent. Schedule a private 1:1 with a product expert Tuesday, Wednesday, or Thursday and see how you can take the firehose of alerts from your monitoring tools and centralize them in VictorOps. We empower teams to manage, collaborate, remediate, and learn from critical, time-sensitive incidents that require rapid response.

VictorOps addresses the coupled problem of round-the-clock coverage and team morale. Our on-call scheduling system empowers organizations with an ability to mitigate the negative effects of on-call, while simultaneously increasing the operating efficiency of Incident Management teams.

Explore VictorOps as a tool for Incident Management:

  • Set up and manage on-call schedules and escalation policies
  • Quiet unnecessary alerts and route critical alerts to the right team
  • Send remediation instructions alongside alerts
  • Integrate with your monitoring systems to create a timeline of activity
  • Learn and improve through post-incident reports
  • Manage everything from your mobile device

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