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Integrating IT Alerting and On-Call Scheduling Software Blog Banner

Every team needs an organized process for managing on-call responsibilities and a detailed system for monitoring and alerting on service performance and downtime. So, of...

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Automated ChatOps in Incident Response Blog Banner

The pace of CI/CD has increased significantly since Agile and DevOps became mainstream. Today, development teams thrive on collaboration and conversation tools that allow them...

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Runbook Automation Tools and Examples Blog Banner

Incident response is the name of the game. With 73% of an average incident’s lifecycle spent in incident response, human collaboration and workflows quickly become...

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Dan Holloran December 06, 2018

Updates on the State of DevOps Blog Banner

While development and IT operations teams continue to shorten feedback loops, collaborate more, take code ownership, and share on-call responsibilities, the state of DevOps continues...

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The DevOps Definition of Incident Management Blog Banner

DevOps is generally defined as a methodology for tightening the relationship between development and operations teams in order to release reliable software faster. DevOps combines...

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Leveraging Synthetic and Real-User Monitoring (RUM) for SRE

Monitoring is just the first step of many when it comes to creating highly reliable systems. SRE teams can leverage monitoring to understand how users...

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What to Make of SRE's Golden Signals Blog Banner

Effective site reliability engineering (SRE) relies on a deep understanding of a service’s underlying infrastructure and architecture. Improving the visibility into application and infrastructure health...

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Using the DevOps Methodology for Team Development Blog Banner

DevOps isn’t a specific role or process, it’s a methodology for creating efficient, collaborative teams that build reliable services quickly. So, the development of the...

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VictorOps December Events - KubeCon, Gartner IT Blog Banner

Before we get down to the nitty-gritty details about events in December, here’s a little holiday poem titled, VictorOps’ Favorite Things: “DevOps on laptops, and...

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Chat Clients, Chatbots, ChatOps, and DevOps Working Together Blog Banner

Everyone communicates through multiple channels throughout the day. In our chat clients, automation and manual communication are becoming more and more intertwined. Chat applications can...

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