2014 VictorOps Office Fitbit Challenge

Tara Calihman - January 17, 2014

It’s common knowledge that startups in Boulder appreciate a fine craft brew every once in a while. But it’s also well-known that folks living in Boulder enjoy their physical fitness levels and like putting them to the test on trails and slopes.

What isn’t so obvious is that employees of startups tend to not focus much on incorporating health with that lifestyle. It’s all about the beer, the pizza and “killing it” by working long hours. This is probably the biggest challenge in maintaining a positive work-life balance and enhancing your overall well-being.

Starting today, we’re doing something about it. Everyone knows that sitting is the new smoking so we’ve decided to take a step (pun intended) in the right direction by outfitting all of our employees with a Fitbit Force and starting up a good old-fashioned competition…powered by new-fashioned technology and documentation.


Welcome to the VictorOps 7 Million Steps Challenge!

  • start date: January 17th. Because January 1st is so overdone and we needed time to make sure all of our new employees had their Fitbits ready to go. (Plus the organizer of the fitbit challenge, ahem, happened to lose her Fitbit in NYC and was waiting on a new one to arrive before the challenge could officially begin.)

  • duration of challenge: Six weeks. Challenge comes to an end on the last day in February.

  • mission: We’ve set a company goal of 7 million steps by the end of February. We wanted to have everyone working together to achieve something and supporting one another to increase our wellness.

  • documentation: We created a private Fitbit group to make recording our progress (and stalking co-worker’s activity levels) easier. We’re also not ruling out the use of a whiteboard for public documentation and accountability purposes.

  • motivation: Healthier employees are happier employees and happier employees are more productive employees. We have science on our side to support this one.

  • prize: It’s a big goal so our prize is going to be big. We’re not sharing details yet but we’ll be building suspense and dropping hints during the challenge.

  • FAQs: Activity on the weekends counts because fitness doesn’t take a day off. We’re in this together and there is no shame in your game.

For the next 6 weeks, be on the lookout for VictorOps taking over the downtown streets of Boulder. We’re talking walking meetings, group walks around the block and way less IMing. That’s right…we’re walking over to talk to people located a few feet away in the office.

Walk this way, startup folks, walk this way.