2014 Year-End Wrap-up: Here's to our Customers!

Tara Calihman - December 30, 2014

Over here at VictorOps we are celebrating our first year of having a product in the market and with that, all of our great customers. We love meeting and listening to the people who use our product because they drive the majority of development of the platform.

What better way to end the year than by remembering the many new features we released, all of which were customer-requested? We recorded a little thank-you to some customers who asked for specific functionality but everyone using VictorOps should know that they’re included in this digital shout-out.

In addition to the ones we mentioned in the video, there were tons of other features we released this year. Let’s hear it for innovation at VictorOps!

Other awesome stuff we built in 2014:

Reporting. We’ve continued to build out our reporting capabilities, with added User Metrics, Incident Metrics, MTTA/MTTR, Incident Trends, Incident Frequency and Post-mortem/Retrospectives. Our reporting helps you dial in to better understand how your team and processes are performing.

Notification on recoveries. We added the option to notify users on incident recoveries, which provides an additional layer of transparency into how your team is working.

Admin Roles. For those looking for tighter controls on scheduling and administrative functionality, we built a ‘read-only’ user and admin user for global control.

Chat-only Views. People complained that chat was being lost in the chaos of a firefight so we allow users to see the entire timeline, or chat-only items based on toggling the talk icon on Android and iOS.

Incident rerouting. Users can reroute incidents to different teams. Why is this one important? If you’re on-call and you know a certain alert can only be solved by the database team, you can now send that alert to the right team, getting the right eyes on the problem to solve it faster.

iCal/gCal. We released on-call schedule exporting to iCal and Google Calendar for those wishing to view calendars outside of the VictorOps interface.


Scheduling. We know scheduling on-call rotations can be a pain so we increased functionality for on-call calendar look-ahead and streamlined team calendar views.

Auto-resolve. The ability to auto-resolve incidents was built as a syncing mechanism for companies that are in the habit of turning off Nagios or other systems during outages - so when they turn them back on, the systems can sync.

Tablet support for Android. Enjoy a convenient connection with VictorOps on the device of your choice. That includes wearables.

If it sounds a bit like we’re bragging, it’s because we are. We’re proud of how far we’ve come in the one year that our product has been out there. Can you even imagine what year two will bring?

By listening to our customers and responding to what they need, we’ve built a tool we use and that we’re excited for others to use. None of this would be possible without our customers…so once again, thank you and here’s to an even more amazing 2015!