8 Things I Learned from our Getting Started with VictorOps Webinar

Tara Calihman - December 27, 2013


I actually learned something from watching our Getting Started with VictorOps webinar. Crazy, right? And I’m not just saying that because I planned it and put the entire thing together. Nope, I’m saying that because our product has so many cool features that I’m still wrapping my head around it all. Well, that, and Joni is pretty awesome at explaining our value. Here’s what I learned exactly:

  • There are no coverage fees for our SMS / text delivery.

  • Our escalation policy is highly customizable. You can set up lots of different ways for alerts to get to the right person or team.

  • The VictorOps platform is not just about infrastructure awareness but situational awareness of teams. Who is on-call, who is engaged with the app, who is jumping in to help when they can?

  • We don’t just deal in critical alerts…but all kinds of alerts. So it’s easy to get a sense of what is going on with your infrastructure with a simple refresh on your Incident timeline.

  • ACK ALL is a great way to reduce noise, let the team know you’re working on the problem and send confirmation that you have received the system’s alerts. Sometimes all you need is to quiet it down so you can think.

  • If you need to schedule a back-up rotation, it’s totally an option and easily handled by our platform.

  • Responding to a push notification from VictorOps on your phone puts your response right into the Incident timeline, so that all information surrounding that event is stored in one place.

  • There are two reasons for creating teams: if you want separate rotations for separate teams and / or if you want to route certain alerts to certain teams. The benefits to both scenarios are obvious.

Are you ready to dive deeper into the VictorOps platform? Have questions and need support setting up teams? Not sure about the difference between a notification policy and an escalation policy?

Watch our webinar. And do let us know what you think.