Adding Devs to the On-Call Rotation

Tara Calihman - December 11, 2014

There’s lots of talk in the DevOps movement about how to best bring together the Devs and the Ops teams. You’ve heard it all before…breaking down silos, increasing transparency and fostering empathy among teams. But what does it actually mean to break down silos? How can your company go about making this happen?

One starting point is to help bring the Dev teams and Ops teams closer together by including devs in the on-call process. It’s never a popular suggestion…since many devs have never had to be on-call and don’t understand why they need to start now.

According to our State of On-Call Report, there are many teams who are already doing this.


One of the arguments in favor of adding devs to the on-call rotation is that ops folks shouldn’t necessarily be the only ones who have to wake up at 3am and solve the problems of code in production. It seems that the ideal solution is to bring the two teams together in an on-call rotation that pairs them together and instills that feeling of ownership in the entire team. Of course, that is much easier said than done.


Change is always hard, especially a change of this nature. That’s why we created a guide to help those who are looking to make such a change. Lucky for us, we have some fantastic users that contributed ideas to this guide. They share how they went about making the switch to a more DevOps-friendly process, getting devs into the on-call rotation and making them feel safe & protected while doing the hard job.

Get our guide and see how you can make the impossible possible.