Alert Ingestion API Now Available!

Tara Calihman - November 25, 2013


When VictorOps launched its Alpha and Beta program, our initial offerings included a bi-directional Nagios plug-in and a Pingdom integration. But very quickly into the launch of the VictorOps service, the most requested feature became an alert ingestion API.

This made total sense to us. Providing an API that allows ops teams to connect a wide variety of monitoring systems into the VO alert timeline and incident management platform will dramatically increase the number of companies that can sign up for the beta program.

Our Alert Ingestion API accepts alert notifications from any source via an HTTPS post request. As long as you can send a POST request, you can generate alerts through VictorOps.

Dan Hopkins, VP of Engineering at VictorOps, says that this API is exciting “because it allows VictorOps to help us help you. As we get closer to GA, this option gives teams the ability to create custom alerting for their custom applications. We can’t wait to hear how companies start using the integration!”

If you’re interested in integrating with VictorOps, you can view more details of the API documentation and sign up for a free account here. We’re looking forward to working with you through Beta and into the future!