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The (Night) Time is Now: VictorOps Night Mode Feature

Drew McKinney December 05, 2017



We’ve all been there. You (or your significant other) are in bed and reach for a mobile device. You open the screen and emit enough light to illuminate an entire neighborhood. It’s blinding, distracting, and strains the eyes.

The easy solution we often hear is to avoid screen time late at night and while you’re in bed. Simple enough, right? Wrong. Especially if you’re on-call and your job requires you to open your phone when you get an alert. We can just add this to the list of reasons why it’s hard to be on-call.

Until now. Introducing the new VictorOps Night Mode.

Don’t Make Your Eyes Bleed

Night Mode means your phone is less distracting to those around you and makes for a less startling experience when you reach over in the middle of the night. The dark background emits less blue light, equaling a positive impact on your sleep cycle and the number of tears streaming down your face.

Your Night, Your Way

Some people need more (or less) downtime than others, so we made our Night Mode customizable. You pick: Either enjoy the simple default settings associated with your time zone, or customize the settings so Night Mode takes effect during the hours you need it the most.

Get Back to Sleep

The darkened interface of Night Mode not only saves your eyes, but makes incidents and notifications easier to discern on the screen. By taking advantage of Night Mode, you’ll be able to stay on-call—and quickly go back to sleep once everything is resolved. You own your code, that’s why you’re the one on-call. Now we’ve made it easier for you to own your sleep, too.

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