Android Notification and Wear Improvements

Jason Hand - December 18, 2014

{UPDATE: Our newest Android version, 6.0.76, is out and has all the capabilities listed below!!}


Much of what VictorOps has built is a direct result of great feedback from existing users and “on-call” experts just like you.  We are constantly reminding folks at tradeshows and events around the U.S. to let us know what you need out of your incident management provider.  From that feedback, we immediately loop in our product & development team and begin pumping out the features that on-call teams want need.

Ack from notification

A fairly common request is the ability to “Ack” many related notifications at once from the mobile (Android & iOS) apps.  In our next release, users can now acknowledge a set of alerts directly from a push notification. Because we roll up notifications on the server side, if you have a notification that reports 20 incidents paging you, the acknowledge button will “Ack” all 20 notifications at once.


Volume Override

One of the most often requested feature from our Android users is the ability to override the sound setting so that even if your phone is set to silent or low volume, notifications from VictorOps will still come through loud and clear.  Workarounds with 3rd-party (paid) apps like Tasker were the only way to enforce a different audio volume setting on Android devices…until now!

In our next release we have now added a new setting for Paging Incident, @Mention, and One on One Chat notifications. You can set these notifications to override the device’s volume to play the push notification sound at full volume (NOTE: works even when using Lollipop’s priority settings).



If you’ve been paying attention to trends in technology, you’ve likely seen many articles regarding the future of “wearables”.  On any given day you’ll find headlines and features everywhere from TechCruch and Engagdet, to the New York Times.  Items such as Google Glass and Apple’s forthcoming Smart Watch (commonly referred to as the Apple Watch) are just two of the gadgets stirring up buzz in the tech media.

Ever since wearable technology such as the Samsung Gear Live first came to market, users have been able to view notifications directly from those devices. At VictorOps, we love to embrace the latest and greatest in innovative technology, especially if it’s in the name of “Making On-call Suck Less”. Our users have come to expect nothing but the best tools and experience from the top incident and on-call management provider and to be perfectly honest, it’s what we expect of ourselves as well.

"_Once the application is fully Android Wear aware, being able to acknowledge an alert without having to pull your phone out would be a great feature. Some other useful features might be, the ability to escalate, and/or send pre-defined messages into the timeline, such as Driving or Indisposed._" -- Joel Wampler, Founding Systems Architect, Standing Cloud

Improved Android Wear Support

This one’s for you, Joel. With our next release, users will now have an even better experience interacting with the VictorOps mobile app via wearables. We’ve added unique images and visuals for each notification type, making it even easier to quickly distinguish alerts with just a glance at your wrist.

In addition, you can now “Ack” from a push notification on Android Wear. Here’s a look at the new interfaces showing how each type of alert is unique, allowing users to quickly and easily distinguish the specific type of alert that comes through…

Incident Notifications


@Mention Notifications


Chat Notifications


On-call Notifications


What’s Next?

With the release of Lollipop, our Android Development team is super stoked to be working on a few killer features.  Here’s a short of list of what’s in store for Android Users in the very near future.

– Proper Lollipop priority support.

– Voice reply support for @Mentions and One on One Chat notifications from Android Wear.

We’re just scratching the surface on what can be done to help on-call teams manage alerts, collaborate with their team, and resolve incidents as quickly and efficiently as ever. Stay tuned for more updates on not only the Android wearables development, but iOS as well.