Arrested DevOps - All Together Now

Tara Calihman - March 28, 2014


Our CEO, Todd Vernon, joined hosts Matt and Trevor on the Arrested DevOps podcast recently to talk collaboration in DevOps. He was joined on the show by Angela Dugan, of Polaris Solutions, to chat about how to work together effectively in a cross-functional team.

The crew covers talk of what makes a good collaboration tool, best practices for collaborating and of course, a few horror stories of what happens when communication goes awry.

A few highlights of the discussion include…

  • How do you get buy-in from the team to try out a new collaboration tool?

  • Is software development more social now? And is that a generational movement?

  • Is there really such thing as the DevOps group (as a separate entity) or is everyone inherently in DevOps?

  • What is the difference between an old-school company vs. a new-school company when it comes to collaboration?

You can watch the whole episode below, if you’re interested in hearing more about what Todd and the crew has to say about collaboration. But whatever you do, don’t miss Todd uttering his favorite catchphrase at the 45:15 mark.

Be sure to follow Arrested DevOps on Twitter for more information about upcoming episodes and many thanks to Matt & Trevor for having Todd on the show!