DevOps Talk Across the Internet: Best DevOps Tweets

Kelsey Loughman August 13, 2018

DevOps Collaboration
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There are a number of DevOps-focused articles out there ranging from Kubernetes monitoring solutions to hiring for DevOps. In addition to reading deeply about these topics, it’s smart to keep a pulse on the conversations happening around DevOps on social media.

Easily digestible and straight to the point, DevOps tweets and social posts open up succinct, two-way conversations. So, we took it upon ourselves to curate a few of the best DevOps tweets from the last few weeks:

From @nixcraft

The highly simplified history of containers on Unix:

From @java

A nice post on the usage of version control and its importance for DevOps teams:

From @ipfconline1

Great tweet about how quality software can serve as a competitive differentiator in business:

From @AlyssaH_Evident

Sharing of The 6 Essentials for DevOps Team Excellence:

From @outofinodes

Some great tips on using Git in DevOps teams:

From @mmeckf

We’ve worked with the author of “Accelerate”, @nicolefv, at a few events. This is an awesome book on the importance of building efficient, scalable DevOps organizations:

You can follow us on Twitter to keep up with some of the latest on DevOps and incident management. Engaging in meaningful conversations about DevOps on social media can help you expose issues, find solutions, and influence deeper collaboration. Isn’t that the point of DevOps anyway?

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