Best Tools for the DevOps Evangelist

Tara Calihman - December 23, 2014


Jason Hand has been doing an extremely impressive job since joining our organization in May. In addition to racking up the frequent flyer miles, he’s been busy educating himself (and others) on all aspects of the DevOps movement through attending meetups, talking to people in the space and presenting at every opportunity possible. It’s not an easy job but one he’s made his own.

_"Since taking on the role of DevOps Evangelist, my goal has been to share everything I know and have learned with regard to the movement and ideology, in the hopes that other individuals and teams will adopt many of the same techniques and methods .. all in the name of improving the tools and services available to the world, not to mention letting the world know of VictorOps existence and our efforts to “Make Being On-call Suck Less”._ _I’ve been asked by many to share some of the tools that I use on a daily basis.  As other organizations begin to expand their evangelist positions as a way to build “community” and brand recognition, many are looking for a good starting point or set of services and products to add to their toolbox._"

Jason has curated quite the extensive list of tools and services that have helped him in his current position. Fortunately, Jason is experiencing some of the joy of the season by sharing his list with all of you. So consider it an early gift and remember to say thank-you the next time you see Jason.


Read the entire list on Jason’s blog ( and let him know what he forgot!