Blameless Post-mortems Webinar

Jason Hand - September 08, 2014

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Everyone in the technology industry understands that incidents, outages, and failures are just part of it. When you are dealing with complex systems, it’s gonna happen.

Following up an incident, outage, or even a successful deployment with a post-mortem isn’t a new concept. It’s easy to understand the benefits of sharing, analyzing, and understanding what went well and what didn’t.

In many cases, individuals blame others, or worse, themselves for actions that may have led to an outage. Is this the most effective response or action? Absolutely not. Instead, we want to treat mistakes, errors, or whatever the situation is as an opportunity for learning and improving. Improve the team, improve the process, improve the product…and therefore improve the business.

By understanding the human-side of complex systems and communicating that in post-mortems, we can remove blame towards individuals and seek out the true cause (or set of causes) of incidents.

Join me for the blameless post-mortems webinar at the end of the month and you’ll hear first-hand examples of these post-mortems, find out why blaming others (or yourself) for an incident is counter-productive, as well as receive actionable steps on how to conduct your own post-mortem in a blameless manner.


You can register by clicking on either of the above images or saving your spot here. I look forward to engaging with you on this topic.