Boulder Startup Week 2014

Tara Calihman - May 09, 2014


Next week is a big one for the Boulder startup scene. Between Monday,  May 12th and Friday, May 16th, there are more than 50 events taking place all over town, celebrating the unique ecosystem that makes up our local entrepreneurial community. Say hello to Boulder Startup Week!

From tracks that discuss design and development to those that celebrate social impact and failure, there’s sure to be something for everyone at this multi-disciplinary meetup. And what Boulder event would be complete without some truly Boulder activities like biking, hiking and yoga? Not to mention, the events featuring beer, the up & coming maker scene and robots. If you’re new to town, the entire week offers lots of opportunities to job hunt and meet new friends. If you’ve lived in town for a while, it’s a great time to share what you love about Boulder and celebrate those things with folks who are looking to move here.

Here at VictorOps, we’re getting into the game by contributing our voices to the mix. On Monday, Todd Vernon, our CEO, will be speaking on a panel about Trouble in Paradise.

One of our developers, Dan Hopkins, will be presenting on Akka clustering with ZooKeeper during the Big Data Lightning talks, early Wednesday afternoon.

Joni Klippert, VP of Product Management, is hosting a startup wake during happy hour on Wednesday.

In addition to helping organize the Failure track, I’m also participating in the Controversy of Diversity event that happens very early in the morning on Thursday.

Finally, just in case our commitment was being questioned, we’ve also put together a team to compete in the Office chair race & Scavenger hunt. Yes, our chair will be decorated and yes, we’ve been training. If by training, you mean drinking beer. Either way, we’re going to bring the fun.

We do love being a part of the Boulder startup community and cannot wait to celebrate that fact next week with thousands of our closest friends. Hope to see you there!