We Love Boulder Startup Week - The 2015 Edition

Tara Calihman - May 08, 2015


You might not remember our bittersweet office chair loss from last year.

(Don’t worry - you can relive the magic in this video.)

Some of us around the office haven’t been able to forget it. That’s why we’re getting back in the chair this year to take another spin around town.

Boulder Startup Week is one of our favorite times. The community comes out in force to host thought-provoking events, interesting conversations and fun activities. Don’t believe me? Here is a sampling of the diverse things taking place over the course of the week:

The above is just a small percentage of the events happening around town. And let’s not forget the yoga sessions, a Humor Hackfest, the bike rides, a job fair and of course, the happy hours…the MANY, MANY happy hours.

Did I mention that all events are free? And the entire thing is run by volunteers? Oh yes. Those are just two reasons that we’re proud to be sponsoring and taking part in a few BSW events.

Monday: A redemption effort in the Office Chair Race. Below you can see what we looked like last year. It’s a lot to live up to, but the 2015 team has been in training. And we’ll have swords again. Watch out, here come the Smooth DevOperators!


Tuesday: We’re one of the stops on the Startup Crawl. Think bar crawl, but replace bar with startup office and keep the alcohol. This is a chance to open our doors, show off our office space and share beers with the rest of the startup community. There will also be shuffleboard and other merriment.

Wednesday: We rest and hydrate.

Thursday: We’re hosting Mentor Hours in our office that morning. During this time, entrepreneurs can sign up to talk to some of our co-founders & other smart folks who have generously donated their time.

Friday: Our CEO, Todd Vernon, will be on a panel to discuss how design plays a part in your startup’s success.


Join us in supporting the local startup community. We hope to see you at one or many of the above events. Have fun!