The Myth of Alerting Services in IT

When VictorOps is compared to PagerDuty, that comparison is understandable on the surface. Both services allow on-call team scheduling and rotation, both services will notify you of an incident in your IT infrastructure, both allow for escalation. In short, both systems will “tell you that you have a problem”. The difference however, is that VO is a Collaborative platform, not just an Alerting platform. Our vision is to be “in the fight” and actually help teams resolve problems faster. Simply put, our mission will be…
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Diving into DevOps

Here’s a good DevOps 101 infographic for those just getting started…

An Official Alpha Summary (or What We’ve Learned Over the Past Nine Months)

Now that we are out of Alpha and officially into Beta, we thought it might be nice to touch on some of the items we learned while building the platform. Alpha customer feedback was our number one priority during development and many of the features and concepts in the product came directly from our Alpha Customers. For reference, those customers were a variety of companies, ranging in size from pre-revenue startups to public companies with market caps of nearly $1B.  This diverse group gave us…
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Bryce’s Bald Banter: Putting the Ops in DevOps

This is Bryce and he has a lot to say about Ops. I mean, doesn’t he look serious about the topic? Fortunately, he’s not shy about telling you what he really thinks. So I asked him a few questions about what he’s learned over the course of his career. Why do you bring an Ops guy in at the beginning? You have to put the framework in place before things take off. You need that foundation. When you hit that explosive growth phase, everyone just…
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DevOps Past

We found this video through IT Revolution Press, the same people who brought you The Phoenix Project. And you already know how much we liked that one. In this video, Damon Edwards presents a short history of DevOps. We consider it required viewing for anyone in the industry. Or at least anyone in the industry that cares about where DevOps came from. And where it’s going.

The Phoenix Project Book Review

When we saw there was a novel about the IT revolution, we were intrigued. You mean it’s a real story? Not a textbook or a handbook or a guide? We honestly didn’t believe it either until we started reading it. The book is called The Phoenix Project and is authored by Gene Kim, Kevin Behr, and George Spafford. It tells the story of an IT manager at a large company, Parts Unlimited, and the challenges he undergoes trying to organize workflow and improve interdepartmental communications. He…
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DevOps is So Hot Right Now

A hearty congratulations to PagerDuty for raising a $10.7 million round from Andreessen Horowitz. You know the time is now when smart money like A16Z and our friends at Foundry Group see big opportunities for companies in the space. Over the next few years I think a lot of attention will be paid to people in operations and we think that is awesome! More about the company here and more analysis of why services like PD are much needed here.

IT On-Call: Five Best Practices for Making the Pain Less Painful

Time on-call is a fact of life working in a DevOps or TechOps environment, but for a lot of us it’s the worst part of the job. Working with a 24/7 platform, on-call means getting up in the middle of the night, interrupting weekend time, and putting personal life on hold. And it’s stressful! It’s easy to feel alone during a crisis, not wanting to bother coworkers but needing help, advice, or just another set of eyes. Here’s a few easy things you can do…
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