Moving on up

It’s time for a move. We’ve spent more than a year now in our current facilities and while they were a good starting point, we’ve definitely outgrown the space. Working in a building with a 120-year history has had its ups & downs but we cannot argue that the feeling of the past was very much alive and well within our office. Before leaving, we thought it best to list what we’ll miss (and what we won’t) about our old office. Things we won’t miss: The…
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Now Accepting Manny Money

Our platform moved out of Beta and into General Availability at the end of January. This was big news for us since we’ve been working hard with our heads down for a little over a year now. But we did look up long enough to celebrate the milestone of having our first paying customer at 3:16pm on January 30, 2014. Since that time, we’ve had another hundred users sign up and are welcoming more daily. A milestone like this deserves recognition so we had a…
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2014 VictorOps Office Fitbit Challenge

It’s common knowledge that startups in Boulder appreciate a fine craft brew every once in a while. But it’s also well-known that folks living in Boulder enjoy their physical fitness levels and like putting them to the test on trails and slopes. What isn’t so obvious is that employees of startups tend to not focus much on incorporating health with that lifestyle. It’s all about the beer, the pizza and “killing it” by working long hours. This is probably the biggest challenge in maintaining a…
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Holiday Greetings from VictorOps

Whatever you celebrate this time of year, please do so safely. We’re looking forward to a big year in 2014 and can’t wait to share more goodness with you then! VictorOps Holiday Sing-Along 2013 from VictorOps on Vimeo.

Scenes from a Boulder Startup Holiday Party

We’re a tight-knit startup community here in Boulder. And when it’s time to celebrate, we do it the right way. Last night was the Boulder Startup Holiday Party and everyone was out in force to deck the halls. With a tree-decorating competition, a Toys for Tots gift donation and lots of adult beverages, there was no shortage of holiday cheer. VictorOps was proud to have been a sponsor of such fun. And in case it wasn’t glaringly obvious, we won the tree-decorating competition. Pretty sure…
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The Real Story Behind the Oak Leaf

There is a lot of heavy-duty, heads down work going on at VictorOps right now. Much of it involves discussions around Scala, Akka, Play and the excitement of building our third large-scale service infrastructure from the ground up. VO is making amazing progress and the passion for the space is evident in every conversation and demo we do. Building another company enables you to do things differently than you did in the past. With VO, we had such a concrete idea of what we wanted…
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