Network World totally gets it

When we came out of stealth last week and proudly showed the world what we’re building, there were some press articles that played up the Twitter-like aspect of our app and those that simply did a good copy & paste job with our press release. But there was one article that perfectly expressed our value and the awesomeness in our product. Some of the choice quotes below… “VictorOps is going to change the way teams manage servers and cloud infrastructure. What really gets me excited about VictorOps…
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An Official Alpha Summary (or What We’ve Learned Over the Past Nine Months)

Now that we are out of Alpha and officially into Beta, we thought it might be nice to touch on some of the items we learned while building the platform. Alpha customer feedback was our number one priority during development and many of the features and concepts in the product came directly from our Alpha Customers. For reference, those customers were a variety of companies, ranging in size from pre-revenue startups to public companies with market caps of nearly $1B.  This diverse group gave us…
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To Infinity and Beyond!

Today we announced our official Beta Launch and Series A $6.5M financing round. Back in December of last year we set out to build a revolutionary platform for DevOps teams.  We envisioned a platform where team members were always connected, could use any device they brought to the party, and most importantly help each other solve problems regardless of physical location or time of day.  In short, we wanted to give some life back to the people that give up huge chunks of their lives…
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Lots of Great Press for our IT Alerting & Collaboration Tool

VictorOps got a ton of great press last week when we announced the company. Here is a link to the official press release, and some of our favorite coverage! National Press Techcrunch GigaOm VentureBeat (Our particular favorite, as it alludes to our Mountain Basecamp) The Next Web Local Press Daily Camera Boulder County Business Report


Once in a while I find myself in a discussion about starting companies. The great thing about the first day of a company, a startup in particular, is it can be anything you want it to be – that first day.    Every day after that you build a little more code, you refine the idea a little more, you prioritize and reprioritize over and over again.  What comes out the other end is often amazing, often valuable, and for us always a labor of love. …
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