Dan Holloran December 12, 2018

Automated ChatOps in Incident Response Blog Banner

The pace of CI/CD has increased significantly since Agile and DevOps became mainstream. Today, development teams thrive on collaboration and conversation tools that allow them...

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Dan Holloran November 19, 2018

Chat Clients, Chatbots, ChatOps, and DevOps Working Together Blog Banner

Everyone communicates through multiple channels throughout the day. In our chat clients, automation and manual communication are becoming more and more intertwined. Chat applications can...

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Marlo Vernon September 17, 2018

Top ChatOps Use Cases Blog Banner

ChatOps encompasses a large range of functions and use cases. Whether you’re using manual chat applications, automated chatbots, or both to run scripts, escalate issues,...

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New to the world of DevOps? Lucky for you, we’ve scoured the internet to put together The DevOps Dictionary. This is the first in a...

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Dan Holloran May 09, 2018


People are the true bread and butter of incident management and the DevOps movement. Tools are good, but when tools are used to make your...

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DevOps promotes company-wide accountability and resiliency as well as continuous integration and delivery. Efficiently managed on-call teams and schedules are key parts of maintaining this...

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Dan Holloran March 21, 2018


Many times, when an incident occurs, the system will automatically notice and resolve the incident on its own. But, engineers will still need to get...

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Dan Holloran March 15, 2018


Who doesn’t love March Madness? Well, I’m sure that engineers aren’t always crazy about being on-call during the tournament. But, it doesn’t have to be...

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Amanda Boughey January 25, 2018


We sat down with Jason Hand, author of ChatOps – Managing Operations in Group Chat, to discuss the progression of ChatOps since his book was...

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Matthew Boeckman August 09, 2017

The Response phase of the Incident Lifecycle is the delivery of a notification to an incident responder, via any means, and the first steps that...

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