A Tasty Reception at ChefConf

Joni Klippert - April 28, 2014

“Every conference feels like a coming-out party.”


Maybe because it’s our first year of attending conferences…or maybe it’s because we’re the new kids on the block…but whatever it is, we love going to events. Getting in front of “our people”, opening their eyes to a new way of collaborating and most importantly, giving away as many of our comfy VictorOps shirts as possible - what can we say except that it’s fun?

ChefConf was particularly awesome in that attendees were 100% the people who DO THIS JOB. They carry the pager. They know the pain of being on-call. And they’re interested in solutions that reduce time to resolution – but equally important – improve the quality of life for their team members.

Conference attendees slowly walk by our booth, not planning to engage – then they see a postcard with a larper checking his phone that says “Being on-call sucks.” They laugh. They stop. Then the dialog goes something like this…“Yes. It indeed does. Okay, tell me how you’re different than PagerDuty…?” met with a great deal of skepticism about how we may actually differentiate.


Within 60 seconds of hearing our demo, the light bulb turns on – and they’re hooked. They learn that as an on-call person they don’t have to be on an island and that TTR is affected by so much more than alerting. They understand the Twitter metaphor and get that VictorOps is building a product to truly make being on-call suck less by getting pertinent information, in a digestible format on mobile and web, to appropriate team members that can lean in and help out without being completely sucked into the problem.

They get that it gives them situational awareness of their infrastructure at a glance. They love what we’re planning on doing with the data they give us. They get that it will help them solve problems and get the right eyes on the problem faster. They get back to bed sooner.

…And we’re stoked.

It’s a highly emotional job and incredibly fulfilling to be building a product that helps people who keep the machine running.

Up Next: Monitorama. The VictorOps tradeshow team is set to arrive in Portland armed with a software engineer, product person and social media nerd to answer any questions you may have. Come learn more about our product, give us your feedback and get some awesome swag. See you there!