Collaboration in the Firefight: How VictorOps Can Help

Tara Calihman - November 24, 2015

Collaboration is crucial to the firefight. As we discovered in our 2015 State of On-call survey (results coming next week!), collaboration tools, along with chat platforms, were labelled the most important during a firefight.

When an incident happens, VictorOps strives to provide that in-office experience where everyone huddles around a desk to quickly solve problems – from anywhere – on any device.


Here are 5 reasons to leverage the chat/post functionality in VictorOps:

 1. Efficiently get the right eyes on the problem. Using a twitter-like @mention of a team member or @@mention to an entire team, VictorOps users can quickly pull the right people into the firefight. Once those additional team members are in the incident timeline, they’re put into an environment where they can quickly get up to speed and help out – from anywhere. The context you need is presented right there with the alert.


 2. Capture Remediation Data. Today’s proliferation of communication tools can make it difficult to capture specific remediation data for retrospectives and re-use. Collecting information from email, texts, chat clients, phone calls and any other form of communication makes creation of post-mortem reports nearly impossible for those responsible. This results in retrospectives often not being conducted and critical learnings getting lost. By posting remediation data natively or via a bi-directional chat integration (Slack/HipChat) into VictorOps, teams ensure that all critical information is captured in-line to be used later.

 3. Transparency. Ensure everyone is aware of what’s going on whether they are actively involved or not. If your boss knows there’s an issue, he or she can come into the timeline at any point and see things are actively being taken care of.

 4. Day-to-Day Team Management. Need someone to cover your on-call shift for an hour? It’s easy to post into the VictorOps timeline to request help. Swapping on-call has also never been easier.


 5. Get Fancy with ChatOps. Many teams today are leveraging ChatOps to automate simple tasks via several popular bots in conjunction with their enterprise chat tool. Integrate your bot directly with VictorOps or through a bi-directional chat integration with your current chat platform. If you want to learn more about ChatOps, check out our helpful resources.

If you’re not already taking advantage of the collaborative nature of VictorOps, get on it. Tis the season for sharing!