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People are the true bread and butter of incident management and the DevOps movement. Tools are good, but when tools are used to make your...

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At Iotum, we understand the importance of tools which strengthen cohesiveness among geographically distributed teams and remote workers. Our team builds tools of this nature,...

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Everyone likes to discuss the tools and services that benefit their teams. IT and DevOps teams are constantly searching for the right tools to create...

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Applications need to function around the clock. However, assuming your service will never experience downtime is unreasonable—no matter how in-depth your QA is. Interconnected systems...

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VictorOps, like many startups, has gone through major growth in the last couple years. New teammates, new customers, and a maturing organization have all demanded...

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In a previous post, we wrote about identifying potential issues, collecting applicable metrics, and defining smart alerts and escalation structures to create more robust systems....

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Most engineering organizations use Agile—be it pure Agile or a hybrid—as a model for managing the development process. Agile allows organizations to respond quickly to...

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