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Introducing In-App Control Call Feature

Joni Klippert April 28, 2015


This is an interesting world we live in as it relates to communication. We spend the majority of our lives in our chat platform du jour, not verbally communicating unless we ‘absolutely have to.’ I get it. I’m one of you - to the extent that I believe unscheduled phone calls are down right rude.

But here’s the deal - as it relates to solving critical problems, 56% of those surveyed in our State of On-Call Report still use conference calls to remediate large problems, and almost 65% report that they get on a phone call with ‘someone’ during the firefight.

Bottom line: there are problems big enough and complex enough to require greater synchronicity to solve. Chats can’t keep up and in these situations, there are often too many people required to solve the problem in order to efficiently triage in a chat room.

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All of this being said, I am excited to announce the release of VictorOps Control Call. With this new feature, VictorOps customers will be able to initiate a conference bridge from within the VictorOps platform, apply a name to the call and easily invite team members critical to problem remediation. Messaging will be surfaced in the VictorOps timeline showing call start times, joins, exits and call end. These are helpful points in time to be referenced in a post-mortem or for external SLAs.

Chat is still important here as a means of documenting important remediation data, either in the VictorOps timeline or via one of our chat integrations. You’ll want this data for later. But humans still solve problems and sometimes the best way to talk is by hopping on the phone.

With our newest feature, there’s no fumbling for the right conference bridge, no awkward google hangouts, no anxiously waiting for that chat to complete to know what’s next…just a simple phone call. Our research indicates that customers today waste a lot of precious time in the coordination phase of a call during critical outages.

Waste no more. We got this.

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