Dropping Knowledge at Develop Denver 2015

Tara Calihman - August 13, 2015


Last week, we had the pleasure of attending the local Develop Denver conference. The idea behind the event was to bring the community of designers and developers together, to learn and share from each other.

Two of our developers, one back-end and one front-end, gave talks. They loved the laid-back vibe of the conference. Develop Denver, now in it’s 4th year, continues to grow while still feeling like an informal local meetup. There were lots of friendly faces and VictorOps t-shirts spotted in the crowd.

Garrett gave a talk about iterators, generators and functional programming in Javascript, called Loops on loops on loops on loops on loops. You can watch that below or check out his slides.

Nick also spoke at the conference. His talk, Immutability: A tool for suckers (and other such blanket statements), covered the benefits of immutability, its limits and ways to get around them. Of course, all of this was presented from the perspective of a Millennial Scala developer, so you’ve been warned.

We love events that help bring the community together and it seems that, in the Front Range, there is still a heavy flavor of DIY and transparency permeating our culture. Thanks for having us Develop Denver!