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The DevOps Hiring Guide

Dan Holloran July 18, 2018

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Hiring successful, DevOps-minded team members is an integral part of implementing DevOps across your organization. That’s why we’ve created the free DevOps Hiring Guide. We sat down with our own Senior Engineering Manager, Dan Hopkins, to discuss key things to look for when hiring DevOps engineers.

Three High-Level Requirements

Dan spoke about three common things that every good DevOps hire will strive for. When using our DevOps Hiring Guide template, keep these three high-level requirements in mind.

  • Interviewee shows buy-in to your team and culture
  • Interviewee shows buy-in to your product
  • Interviewee should show technical excellence

DevOps Collaboration, Passion, and Breadth of Knowledge

A DevOps culture is heavily reliant on collaboration. A person who desires deep collaboration and has strong communication abilities, both verbally and non-verbally, are essential to DevOps. Empathy and passion are two of the most important personality traits in someone who will fit right into a DevOps team.

In addition to emotional intelligence and a passion for your product and culture, potential new hires need to show technical excellence. Finding technical excellence in a T-shaped person is highly valuable to a DevOps team. The concept of a T-shaped person refers to someone with a wide scope of understanding in multiple concepts (top of the “T”), but highly focused technical skills in one area as well (bottom of the “T”).

Finding candidates who are hungry to learn new things while building amazing products and customer experiences is the key. Polyglot programmers who have a breadth of knowledge and are capable of learning new programming languages work best in a DevOps environment.

Goals and Thoughts For a DevOps Interview

Dan spoke about honoring both the company’s time and a candidate’s time during the interview process. Be aware of this, whether you’re interviewing for a position yourself or you’re holding interviews for candidates. Keep these five thoughts in the back of your head during a DevOps hiring process:

  1. Understand the best in people
  2. Respect people’s time
  3. Have a personal touch
  4. Does the candidate show a willingness to invest time?
  5. Will the person show a love of company (product, culture, and people)?

Download the free DevOps Hiring Guide to give yourself an easy-to-follow template and checklist of what to look for when building DevOps teams.

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