DevOps Roadtrip Denver: A Review

Tara Calihman - April 07, 2016

The first stop on the DevOps Roadtrip was an exceptional gathering of Denver metro area developers and IT pros interested in learning more about DevOps best practices and those who are already taking the steps to make that transition happen. It was a meeting of the minds, deep within the Broncos stadium, and it proved to be an awesome success!


Jason Hand, our DevOps evangelist, kicked off the event with a talk covering some effective DevOps basics.

From there, attendees had the opportunity to listen to stories of two different teams and their route to DevOps. Matthew Boeckman, VP of Infastructure from Craftsy, and Mary Moore-Simmons, Engineer Operations Manager at SendGrid, shared tales of what they’ve learned. Highlights include Matthew’s discussion of how they built a culture of celebrating failures while Mary’s talk centered around getting devs on-call to help share in the process of dealing with alerts.

> > Great talk about postmortem transparency and backlog by [@matthewboeckman]( and Mary Moore-Simmons at [#DevOpsRoadTrip]( []( > > — Edward Arcuri (@sdndude) [March 29, 2016](

There were breakout sessions covering topics like Security & DevOps, Post-Mortem Best Practices and the makeup of the DevOps Ecosystem, among others. People were able to ask more in-depth questions, share challenges they’re struggling with and hear how other local companies are solving the same problems.

Made it to the [#devopsroadtrip]( good speakers so far. Can't wait for the breakout sessions. []( — Brian Carlson (@n1tro) [March 29, 2016](

The final talk was led by two Forrester analysts, Kurt Bittner and Amy Demartine, who talked about the common pitfalls they’ve seen when people try to enable DevOps in their organization.

Aside from the learning, there were tours of the stadium, sweet swag and a happy hour to end the day’s festivities. Everyone took home something, whether it was increased DevOps knowledge or the right to brag about how the visitor’s locker room at Mile High stadium isn’t all that bad.


Thanks to all those who joined us for the first stop on the DevOps roadtrip. If you like the sounds of the event, look for us coming soon to an iconic landmark near you!

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