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DevOps Weekly + VictorOps = WIN

Tara Calihman April 03, 2016

DevOps Company

This is exciting news. Like, really exciting.


We’ve been reading the DevOps Weekly newsletter for years now. It’s obvious how much work Gareth puts into the newsletter, curating the content himself and including an awesome mix of technical and high-level articles. Everything from conference write-ups to best practices to outage post-mortems to new tools, if people are talking about, it will be included in DevOps Weekly.

There’s not a Monday morning that goes by that a link or three from Gareth’s newsletter doesn’t end up in one Slack channel or another at our office. Jason Hand might have even squealed a bit when meeting Gareth in person for the first time. (That can’t be verified.)

giphy (1)

This is all to say that we’re big fans and are honored to announce that we’ll be sponsoring the DevOps Weekly newsletter starting today and moving forward. It really is a good match.

We’re all about DevOps, both learning internally and sharing resources externally, and so is Gareth. We’re all about the good content, and so is Gareth. We’re all about drinking beer on Sundays and reading about DevOps, and so is Gareth. We’re building a culture and community to be proud of, and so is Gareth.

The list goes on. Let’s just say that this partnership is a win-win for all involved. But mostly for you, readers of DevOps Weekly, and for you, VictorOps users.

If you don’t know about DevOps Weekly, sign up now. There are many reasons to do so (as outlined above) but continuing education should be the driving one.

And if you’re not familiar with VictorOps, we do real time incident management, from the first alert to the final retrospective. VictorOps provides teams with a virtual environment where they can prepare for, react to and recover from each incident regardless of location or device.

Many thanks to Gareth for giving us the opportunity to help out.

[Just joining us from the actual newsletter? Feel free to get to know us a little better by signing up for a trial!]

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