Dan Holloran July 16, 2019

ChatOps and Using Hubot for Incident Response Blog Banner Image

ChatOps is a method for using tools to execute commands, surface alert context and take action directly through chat. You can align human workflows with...

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DevOps and IT Incident Response With Contextual Monitoring and Alerting Blog Banner Image

In a world of rapid software delivery and CI/CD (continuous integration and delivery), things break. Servers go down, third-party services fail and new code in...

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Nell Gable July 08, 2019

Show Your Appreciation on SysAdmin Day Blog Banner Image

Happy (almost) SysAdmin Day! With incredible July weather comes the time to celebrate system administrators everywhere. The 20th annual SysAdmin Appreciation Day takes place this...

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Dan Holloran June 28, 2019

Duties of a Site Reliability Engineering Manager Blog Banner Image

Service reliability should be a core responsibility for every software development and IT team. Due to the need for resilience in a world of continuous...

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Vince Power June 26, 2019

A CI/CD Template for Terraform Blog Banner Image

Continuous integration (CI) makes the cycle from design to code to building artifacts seamless and consistent. Continuous delivery (CD) makes delivery of that artifact to...

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Brad Griffith June 25, 2019

The Guide to Building a DevOps Change Management Plan Blog Banner Image

In DevOps and IT operations, we’re always talking about building incident management plans and speeding up the software delivery lifecycle. But, another common element of...

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Who Owns the Incident Management Process? Blog Banner Image

When an incident strikes, the customer doesn’t care who solves the issue – they just want functional systems. So, organizations are constantly tasked with defining...

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Scott Fitzpatrick June 19, 2019

Best Practices for Contextualizing Incident Monitoring Data Blog Banner Image

As we all know, development practices in DevOps rely upon continuous feedback and constant analysis. This is done to ensure both the timely release of...

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Dan Holloran June 17, 2019

What is DevOps Really Blog Banner Image

If you look up DevOps on Google, you’ll find all kinds of articles and guides for being a DevOps engineer or building a DevOps team....

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Swaathi Kakarla June 14, 2019

Automation of SQL Server Environments for SQL Developers Blog Banner Image

At any given time, a DevOps or DataOps team can be responsible for managing dozens of databases. With so much to monitor, automation is key...

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