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Integrating IT Alerting and On-Call Scheduling Software Blog Banner

Every team needs an organized process for managing on-call responsibilities and a detailed system for monitoring and alerting on service performance and downtime. So, of...

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Automated ChatOps in Incident Response Blog Banner

The pace of CI/CD has increased significantly since Agile and DevOps became mainstream. Today, development teams thrive on collaboration and conversation tools that allow them...

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Dan Holloran December 06, 2018

Updates on the State of DevOps Blog Banner

While development and IT operations teams continue to shorten feedback loops, collaborate more, take code ownership, and share on-call responsibilities, the state of DevOps continues...

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The DevOps Definition of Incident Management Blog Banner

DevOps is generally defined as a methodology for tightening the relationship between development and operations teams in order to release reliable software faster. DevOps combines...

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Using the DevOps Methodology for Team Development Blog Banner

DevOps isn’t a specific role or process, it’s a methodology for creating efficient, collaborative teams that build reliable services quickly. So, the development of the...

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Chat Clients, Chatbots, ChatOps, and DevOps Working Together Blog Banner

Everyone communicates through multiple channels throughout the day. In our chat clients, automation and manual communication are becoming more and more intertwined. Chat applications can...

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On-Call Management Tools for DevOps and ITSM Blog Banner

Complex infrastructure, distributed systems, CI/CD, and Agile development practices are changing the way we build and maintain services. Teams are building more in a shorter...

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Defining Incident Incident Management vs. Problem Management Blog Banner

In DevOps, ITSM, and the ITIL framework, outlining the differences between incident management and problem management is imperative. But, by acknowledging the current industry-standard definitions...

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Being a DevOps Team Manager Blog Banner

Being a DevOps team manager is less about management and more about empowerment. By nature, the DevOps lifecycle encourages CI/CD, speed, and reliability, but it’s...

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Why Runbook Automation Drives Collaboration Blog Banner

Runbooks and playbooks are essential to driving collaborative on-call response and incident management. Especially as teams scale, new on-call teammates need to have resources that...

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