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Amanda Boughey February 15, 2018


The idea of monitoring your systems isn’t new. Since the introduction of software, teams have been concerned about monitoring performance. According to Nathan Harvey, “Traditional monitoring includes monitoring low-level items like CPU, memory, and disk utilization. It is still important to understand and have data for these things as they...

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Amanda Boughey February 06, 2018


Most engineering organizations use Agile—be it pure Agile or a hybrid—as a model for managing the development process. Agile allows organizations to respond quickly to change, ultimately making it possible to release software on a predictable cadence. To best understand how Agile aligns with your incident management process, let’s first...

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Amanda Boughey January 25, 2018


We sat down with Jason Hand, author of ChatOps – Managing Operations in Group Chat, to discuss the progression of ChatOps since his book was published in August 2016, including the struggle many organizations faced getting up to speed. Continue reading to see how far ChatOps has grown. Q: What’s...

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Amanda Boughey January 22, 2018


The path to streamlined incident management is different for everyone. We all care about minimizing downtime, keeping customers (and bosses) happy, and creating a firefighting experience that isn’t totally miserable. But what you prioritize—and how you ultimately streamline your incident management—will differ between teams. At VictorOps, we’ve divided incident management...

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Amanda Boughey January 09, 2018


When a new on-call process is first introduced at a company, it can be a bit contentious trying to figure out who should fill the on-call role. Many people shy away from the idea that developers and other stakeholders should hold a seat in the on-call rotation, but that is...

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Amanda Boughey January 02, 2018


Curious about the state of on-call, but don’t have enough time to read an eBook? Don’t worry. We’ve gathered the important stats in one place for your skimming pleasure. Here’s What We Learned. DevOps is still new, and so is mature incident management. In fact, almost 75% of respondents have...

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Matthew Boeckman December 13, 2017

Focus on Readiness

The Readiness phase of the Incident Lifecycle is the time a team spends focused on learning—about incidents, systems, and themselves. In Readiness, we move the Analysis phase forward into actionable steps to improve. This may be inclusive of architecture and application changes, creating or updating runbooks, or Game Days. Game...

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Marlo Vernon December 07, 2017


Everyone remembers their firsts: First kiss, first concert, first job. A first on-call horror story is no different. Joni Klippert, VP of Product at VictorOps, vividly remembers her first nightmare on-call experience. Although Joni’s not an engineer, she got a glimpse into the life of being on-call and dealing with...

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Jessica Kahn November 29, 2017

On-Call Horror Story Number Three: This Wins the Most Grueling Award

The demand for code deployments is on a constant incline; developers owning their own code, from creation to production, is mandatory. By no longer separating developers from operations, organizations can innovate with confidence and resiliency in mind. We have many customers successfully living the DevOps philosophy, where incident management sucks...

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Aaron White November 21, 2017

mobile banner

Back in 2012 when VictorOps started, the founders made it clear the product needed to not only work well, but excel in a mobile environment. Fast forward five years and the same sentiment lingers within our development team. Mobile is not only important, it’s essential. We’re always thinking about innovation,...

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