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Dan Holloran February 15, 2019

Getting Developers On-Call (DevOps) Blog Banner Image

The practice of putting developers on-call isn’t new. A lot of startups and even bigger organizations are now getting developers on-call to meet their production...

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Dan Holloran February 14, 2019

Building a Post Incident Review Process Blog Banner Image

Post-incident reviews, commonly called post mortem reports are a critical and highly understated process of the incident lifecycle. DevOps-centric teams simply can’t improve without retrospective,...

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Brad Griffith February 12, 2019

10 Top DevOps Tools for 2019 Blog Banner Image

DevOps is an agile and collaborative approach to the relationship between development and IT operations teams. A complete approach to DevOps takes five major processes...

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Kelsey Loughman February 06, 2019

An Overview of Microsoft Azure Service Blog Banner

Microsoft Azure is the public cloud computing platform by Microsoft which offers software as a service (SaaS), platform as a service (PaaS) and infrastructure as...

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Marlo Vernon February 04, 2019

Setting On-Call Schedules and Rotations Blog Banner

While we all wish for 100% uptime and no bugs or errors, this is simply not the reality. The rise of continuous deployment and integration...

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Leslie Ainza January 31, 2019

February DevOps and IT Conference and Event Schedule Blog Banner Image

February, the month of love. Valentine’s day is upon us, but if you don’t have a Valentine this year, don’t worry. Your one true love...

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Marlo Vernon January 30, 2019

ITIL Problem Management Lifecycle Blog Banner Image

ITIL (or Information Technology Infrastructure Library) is a set of best practices focused on delivering IT services aligned with business requirements. ITIL problem management is...

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Dan Holloran January 18, 2019

Top Open-Source Release Management Tools Blog Banner

Release management tools help teams – both distributed and not – maintain an agile delivery pipeline and automate tedious manual processes. With the right toolchain,...

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Kelsey Loughman January 11, 2019

DevOps Time Series Database Monitoring Blog Banner

In order to analyze user behavior, an eCommerce company treats each user login as a separate event and collects time series data at regular time...

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Dan Holloran January 10, 2019

Incident Lifecycle Coordinator Blog Banner

Managing the incident lifecycle boils down to a few simple things – detecting incidents quickly, investigating the cause(s) of an incident, rapid response, incident resolution...

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