DevOps vs. ITIL Incident Management Process Flow Blog Banner Image

IT incidents from active directory, account deletion, printer not printing, and monitor flickering to software development incidents such as application delivery and code merge issues...

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Kelsey Loughman April 12, 2019

Being On-Call: The Future of Incident Management (DevOps) Blog Banner Image

Software developers and IT teams are deploying code faster than ever. DevOps principles are giving way to improved collaboration and transparency across the entire software...

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Dan Holloran April 10, 2019

A Microservices Tutorial Blog Post Banner Image

Microservices architecture is an approach to breaking down large software projects into smaller, independent modules that communicate with each other via APIs. It gives developers...

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Marlo Vernon April 08, 2019

4 Tips for Becoming an AWS Certified DevOps Engineer Blog Banner Image

Amazon Web Services (AWS) started their certification program back in 2013. Fast-forwarding six years, these certifications have become one of the best assets an engineer...

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Dan Holloran April 05, 2019

Tips for Interacting With Humans Blog Banner Image

In DevOps and IT, people are always concerned with monitoring metrics, technological integrations, QA, testing, automation and AI. But, as of today, the people behind...

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Kelsey Loughman April 03, 2019

2019 DevOps Trends Blog Banner Image

The DevOps train continues to gain momentum. More IT and software development teams are learning to shift left – running more security and reliability tests...

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Marlo Vernon March 28, 2019

Introducing NewOps Days Blog Banner Image

NewOps Days is a community-based event being organized and sponsored by Splunk, Rundeck and the DevOps Institute. NewOps Days brings together all the best in...

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Dan Holloran March 27, 2019

Why You Need Incident Management Software Blog Banner Image

Building resilient infrastructure and applications is more than developers writing good code. Code can be perfectly written but can still be unfit for the greater...

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Marlo Vernon March 26, 2019

Combining Incident Management and IT Security Plans Blog Banner Image

Today, every enterprise has a DevOps and IT department struggling to support their company’s ever-expanding technology footprint – a plethora of applications hosted on multiple...

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Dan Holloran March 15, 2019

Understanding Agile vs. DevOps Blog Banner Image

DevOps and Agile are two of the most used buzzwords currently being tossed around in software development and IT. Both practices represent a cultural shift...

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