DevOpsCon2013 Videos

Tara Calihman - January 10, 2014


We were thrilled to be a part of the first DevOpsCon that happened back in November and can’t wait to join in on the fun this year. In addition to testing out our booth and giving demos to interested parties, we also took part in the discussion happening onstage.

Todd Vernon, our CEO, had a conversation with Ryan Martens, the CTO of Rally, about the social and cultural implications of Devops. It was an interesting talk about how to get buy-in from the entire organization on DevOps along with thoughts on who owns the DevOps team and what all this means for QA.

Additionally, Mike Merideth, our Sr. Director of IT, contributed to a panel about scaling DevOps. He joined folks from Rally, Trada and Federated Media to share thoughts on what it means to operations when the company grows and the best way to approach making sustainable changes. There were some choice quotes from the group and you can see the entire discussion below.