Documentation: Where the heck is it?!

Samantha Haltman - January 23, 2015

The results from our State of On-Call Report continue to enlighten. For instance, in regards to the firefight, it becomes apparent there’s a big disconnect between what respondents say helps to solve the problem and what they’re actually doing.

We asked about the most valuable things that can be done to solve problems faster and the majority answered….

Screen Shot 2015-01-22 at 2.37.30 PM

However, when asked about the biggest issues faced when being on-call, look at what made it on the list…


So basically, when you’re on-call you know that having the proper documentation and/or a runbook will help you to solve the problem faster. However, within many companies, documentation is a black hole. It exists but you don’t really know where and not many people volunteer for the job of keeping the information updated. If the right documentation is difficult to access at the moment you need it, it’s easy to understand why someone might dread their on-call rotation.


When we look at our customer base, we see that companies are currently leveraging as many as 5 monitoring services. That’s a lot of alerts coming from many disparate systems and because of this, the list of problems that can potentially occur becomes pretty lengthy. We know that wikis and internal documentation are integral to problem solving but in many cases, it may take longer to source the appropriate information than to just resolve the problem. This has a very negative impact on your TTR and is definitely not cost effective for your company.

“__We have great documentation, its just we can’t ever get to it.”

We understand the issues associated with documentation (or lack thereof) and the negative impact it has on teams. Cue the VictorOps Transmogrifier. With this new feature, users can now surface specific assets based on the content of the alert. Not only does this help those in the firefight see a clear path to solve a problem, it will also ensure that your team keeps all documentation up-to-date and actionable. Awesome, right?

Stay tuned. We’ll be announcing the opening of the public beta for the VictorOps Transmogrifier really soon and cannot wait to continue helping you make on-call suck even less.