Ecwid Case Study: Seeing All Alerts in One Place

Tara Calihman - December 09, 2014

Ecwid had an on-call management product in place, but they weren’t happy with all of the extra costs for notifications. That’s when the team started a thorough search for a new on-call solution. They went with VictorOps, and in this Ecwid case study, you can read what team lead Vyacheslav Kuznetsov said about the switch.


“My favorite thing about VictorOps is the menu of easy integrations.”

We use iCinga, Pingdom, Amazon Web Services, GitHub, HipChat and email endpoints. All of the integrations were so easy, and we like that we can add new endpoints any time. It wasn’t hard to switch - it was a pleasure. Now all of our communication flows into VictorOps’ timeline, so we can see alerts plus chat in a single interface. It’s a very clean presentation of all the information in one place.

**Making the switch **

The product we used before charged for additional notifications. At one point, we had a short period of instability and had a big pile of notifications. It cost us several hundred bucks just for the notifications, on top of our monthly subscriptions.

We also had a huge rebuilding of the infrastructure coming up, and we knew that the number of notifications it would generate was just too expensive. With VictorOps we get unlimited notifications, and I can be sure we won’t rack up a bunch of fees.

Comparing notifications speeds

Once we started looking for a new solution, we tried VictorOps alongside yet another competitor - we were very thorough with our evaluation. During the trial, VictorOps notifications were always faster than the other product, and usually faster than our own SMS notifications.

There were several instances where notifications from the competing product were actually delivered late. Obviously that’s a huge problem. We have a lot of notifications that only roll to an on-call person - not all engineers - so we had to be able to rely on speed of delivery. By the end of the 30-day trial, we were ready to move everything to VictorOps.

In short…

I know that I can rely on VictorOps every day.

About Ecwid: Ecwid helps more than 600,000 online merchants in 175 countries create and manage their online stores.