Empowering the NOC

Bryce A - June 11, 2015

[In part one of this series, Bryce tackled the history and purpose of the NOC.]

The traditional business NOC (Network Operations Center, for those that don’t know) support model is in the midst of a radical shift. With the rapid increase of mobile technology, there are very few circumstances where the cost of a fully-staffed NOC is justified. Today the technology exists to receive rich actionable data, collaborate with subject experts, and solve problems remotely in a real-time basis.


If you’re currently using a NOC to solve your large-scale on-call routing problems, then VictorOps is happy to offer our tool up as a way to augment the NOC.

As you can see in the chart below, everything a NOC does, our tool also does. We’re not suggesting you replace your NOC (yet) but like a certain out-dated communications method…ahem, the pager…we’d hate for you NOCs to go the way of Blockbuster.


In the old world, NOC Alex (not their real name) has an escalation policy and an on-call calendar. When a notification comes in, it goes to NOC Alex who has to identify the issue and route it and make phone calls - manually.

Imagine if NOC Alex was using VictorOps…

They would be notified of the issue from within the VictorOps web portal. The issue would come with helpful information via our Transmog functionality so that they could reroute the alert to the correct team, and monitor that the correct person acknowledged that they were working the incident. In addition, Alex could monitor the TTR in real-time via the incident timeline without interrupting the DevOps team member for continual updates.


VictorOps turns NOC Alex into a more effective employee.

Now different teams can set up and change on-call rotations from within the system without having to talk to NOC Alex at all. While this may make the NOC a little lonely, he/she can be freed up to work on other things since teams can make changes to their on-call schedules without involving them.

NOC Alex is there to make sure problems are getting worked on and issues are being handled. With VictorOps, (s)he can send an alert out to one team or to many teams. The NOC can also escalate the issue internally to account managers or to alert the support team about possible customer-facing situations.

VictorOps also helps to make NOC Alex more accurate.

With our tool, (s)he will always have the correct and updated contact and routing information for the teams (s)he manages. Individuals set up their own personal profiles and notification policies - NOC Alex just implements them.

With service contracts, SLAs and uptime guarantees, a NOC Alex might always be necessary for larger companies. But think about how much more efficient the whole process could be and how much easier life could be for NOC Alex…if only empowered with a tool like VictorOps.