Entrust Case Study: Putting the Transmogrifier to Work

Samantha Haltman - March 02, 2015

When we initially released the Transmogrifier into private beta, Jeremy Welch, Services Engineer at Entrust, was eager to give it a shot. After doing just that, here’s what he had to say… Entrust

“The Transmogrifier is an incredibly powerful and flexible tool.”

Accessible documentation around commonly occurring issues.

When we initially heard about the Transmogrifier, we were very excited about annotations. We were really looking forward to being able to provide the team with easily accessible documentation around commonly occurring issues.

“Team morale has significantly improved.”

We have a lot of optimism on the team with regards to getting runbooks into play and making them available with annotations. When performing normal sysadmin operations for our customers, there are a lot of customizations we need to take into consideration. With annotations, we can now document the processes associated with each specific system so when an alert surfaces, there is no confusion with regards to what steps need to be taken for that specific scenario. This is extremely helpful for on-boarding new team members as well as educating existing staff.

Collaboration is key.

We went with VictorOps because of collaboration. The chat timeline and the ability to collaborate interactively on a ticket regardless of whether or not you are on-call has been extremely integral to our processes because that is the way we work as a team. Unfortunately, that could all get lost when you are trying to surface a case from 6 months ago to figure out how the issue was fixed last time.  Now with the Transmogrifier, annotations and runbooks allow you to take that collaboration and make it persistent. When issues are documented, we are prepared for them to take place again.

In short…

Knowledge is no longer in one person’s possession. If a problem arises, we are confident the person on-call will have all the information they need whether they’ve never seen with the problem before, or they have dealt with the problem a hundred times.

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