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Extended Hands and Extended Trials for Incident Response

Extended Hands and Extended Trials for Incident Response COVID-19 Response Blog Banner Image

COVID-19 is unexpectedly changing everything from the way teams work together, how families communicate and how development and IT teams decide to architect their systems. Engineering and IT organizations are finding ways to keep their systems up while moving to completely remote teams within days. Businesses and communities around the world are extending their hands in an effort to help one another in these tough times – and it’s truly heartwarming to see.

That’s why we’re proudly offering free, 90-day extended VictorOps Enterprise trials for up to 100 users to anyone who needs it. The VictorOps team and product, alongside numerous other Splunk offerings, are extending our hands to our beloved DevOps and IT communities. We’re offering this 90-day, extended Enterprise free trial to give DevOps and IT engineers a way to make on-call incident response easier to handle. For teams forced into working fully remotely due to COVID-19, for teams inundated with alerts during this time, or for teams that simply need alert automation and on-call scheduling to make on-call less of a burden, Splunk + VictorOps have your back.

90-Day, Extended Enterprise Trial Functionality

It’s essential for your health and well-being to be able to take time out of your day to attend to your families, take breaks from your work to avoid burnout and reduce incident fatigue. While working remotely from home, it can be easy to feel like you’ve never left the “office” and to let alert notifications or development pipelines control your day-to-day agenda. That’s why we feel strongly that offering a 90-day, extended VictorOps Enterprise trial is not only the right thing to do, but it’s something we must do.

Distributed teams can use VictorOps’ on-call rotations and scheduling workflows to help eliminate gaps in coverage, no matter how your team is set up. And, the VictorOps alert rules engine can automate alerts to the right person or team the first time around, as well as give on-call responders useful incident context and remediation instructions, the second an alert is sent out.

With 150+ built-out integrations, as well as generic webhooks, REST endpoints and a robust API, VictorOps centralizes information across all of your development tools, monitoring solutions and communication software. With VictorOps as a virtual command center, engineers are empowered to resolve incidents themselves, from anywhere, or easily mobilize multiple people/teams for major incident response via integrated Slack or MS Teams channels, conference call software, etc. So, from initial incident notification to the final post-incident review, DevOps and IT practitioners have an easy way to fix issues quickly while improving the incident lifecycle over time.

Make On-Call Suck Less.

Better collaboration and transparency from anywhere

Alert management, on-call scheduling, real-time incident response, incident remediation and IT ticket management shouldn’t be things your team needs to worry about right now. Manual updates to on-call calendars and shifting priorities and processes due to working remotely can cause lapses in on-call coverage or response speed. We’re giving away the 90-day, extended Enterprise free trial of VictorOps for just that reason – we don’t want anyone to skip a beat while businesses are forced to transition to remote work.

Our out-of-the-box on-call incident response solution can help teams get up-to-date with complex alert rules and on-call schedules in minutes and hours, not days and weeks. VictorOps allows teams to quickly connect it to the tools they’re already using and gives them a virtual way to manage a distributed NOC or DevOps incident response team.

We need to be connected now, more than ever, with our people and tools. Let us help – use our free, extended 100-seat VictorOps Enterprise trial for 90 days to provide incident response for your teams. Spin up your own free, 90-day trial or reach out to our support team if you have specific questions about how we can help you get the most out of VictorOps.

Let us help you make on-call suck less.

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