Finally! A New Relic Integration!

Tara Calihman - March 11, 2014

At VictorOps, our single most-requested integration is New Relic. Why? New Relic is a completely unique platform that enables Dev and Ops teams to look inside the application software as it runs. This parallels the behavior of VictorOps’ users who want to know more than just when stuff breaks. They want to see the health of their platform holistically, as it’s running, and in real-time.


VictorOps and New Relic make sense together and now users can leverage our first-class alerting and collaboration platform by integrating their New Relic data into the VictorOps timeline. An example of the VictorOps timeline with a New Relic alert policy triggered can be seen below.

VictorOps timeline with New Relic alert triggered

New Relic users get full situational awareness of their application performance at all times with the ability to collaborate around issues as they occur. This means reducing time-to-resolution and saving the company money. New Relic incident resolved, problem solved and back to sleep.

victorops timeline

The New Relic integration is not hard to configure and consists of adding VictorOps in New Relic as a webhook. Take a look at how easy it is in the video we created below.

The New Relic team rocks and we’re excited to be working together on a deeper integration to come that surfaces not only critical problems but also important performance metrics into the timeline. Having spent time in Portland with the Alert Engineering team, we see really cool ways we can use their forthcoming Rubicon product to help teams solve problems faster. The things we’re looking at are differences in system behavior versus previous time periods. Is this the way the system was behaving last week at this time or is it different?

You can check out our knowledge base article for even more information and if you have questions about the New Relic integration, feel free to send them to our support team. They love geeking out on this stuff almost as much as you do.