Follow the Sun to VictorOps

Joni Klippert - August 27, 2014


With equivalent joy to Steve Martin receiving the new phone book, I’m thrilled to announce that ‘Follow-the-Sun’ and custom scheduling was released last week in the VictorOps platform.

Now VictorOps customers who have on-call counterparts in other parts of the world can easily (read: programmatically) manage these schedules as ‘shifts’ within a given rotation. We’ve accommodated every scheduling use case we’ve ever heard of by offering a choice of traditional 24x7 scheduling, Follow the Sun and Custom scheduling.


With this new feature came a 50% rewrite of the entire calendaring UI, and the introduction of a few new concepts: shifts and on-duty users. With the old system, it was straight forward: you were on-call for a given rotation or you weren’t. Now, a rotation can contain several ‘shifts’ and while you may be in an on-call rotation for a week, you may currently be ‘off-duty’ until your next shift begins.

When combining this with things like automated escalation policies, scheduled overrides, manual overrides, and the like… this stuff can get complicated! Thank you to our customers who have waited patiently and provided a great deal of feedback to cover myriad use cases. We have many current customers already leveraging the new functionality and we invite anyone seeking greater flexibility with their on-call schedules to come check it out!


Big ups to our Admin/Web App team that worked long hours and many a weekend to get this functionality out to our users. You can check out a demo of Follow the Sun here.