A Cool Vendor in the DevOps Playground

Lauren Bocci - May 19, 2016


We’d only **thought** we were “cool” until today…

Recently we got news that made it official; VictorOps is cool. The annual report from Gartner named VictorOps in its 2016 “Cool Vendor” in DevOps report. This report highlights companies that are uniquely innovative, impactful and intriguing. Therefore, it goes without saying that it’s really “cool” to be included.

The report evaluates interesting DevOps vendors that can enable customers to support continuous integration and delivery with innovative automation tools. This year, VictorOps was one of only five companies featured in the report.

The DevOps philosophy and best practices continue to grow in prevalence among organizations of all sizes, and VictorOps has worked hard since our inception to be at the forefront in providing the necessary and innovative technology to support the movement.

VictorOps was founded in 2012 to make being on-call suck less, and this honor validates what we have felt for a long time - our technology and consistent innovation is making an impact that is improving the lives of our customers.

Speaking of our customers, it perhaps goes without saying that we wouldn’t be “cool” without them. They make us better every day and give us the ideas that have helped to make VictorOps uniquely innovative, impactful and intriguing.