Updated: The Buyer’s Guide to Modern Incident Management

Jessica Kahn - August 01, 2016

It’s here! Check out the updated VictorOps Buyer’s Guide to Modern Incident Management. One of our most popular resources, this guide walks you through each step in the incident management lifecycle. Each step also includes a comprehensive list of questions to ask as you consider possible solutions.

We updated the awesome original version with new content to reflect where the market is today; adding more graphics, education, and links to additional resources that go deeper into specific subject areas that might appeal to you.

New: An Illustration of the Modern Incident Management Lifecycle


Make sure the incident management software you choose is designed to speed MTTR across the entire lifecycle by folding in preventative information before the alert, managing triage and investigation, and setting teams up for clear, blameless postmortems.

New: The Incident Management Maturity Scale

We have a lot of experience helping organizations adopt a DevOps oriented, continuous improvement mindset around their on-call processes. Naturally, we have seen predictable patterns and problems emerge at each phase of incident management maturity.

To help you benchmark where you stand compared to your peers, the guide includes the VictorOps incident management maturity scale. You’ll discover which characteristics are indicative of each stage of maturity, from Chaos/Reactive to Strategic/Holistic.


Check out the guide, identify which phase you’re in, and learn what to expect as you evolve your teams’ on-call experience.

This guide will help you build a case for investing in a solution

Finally, if you are building a case for reading the reviews and investing in an incident management software solution, this guide can help. There are links to other great resources to add to your arsenal. You’ll get additional information on important topics including the economic impact of downtime, as well as a link to get a Gartner report on cool vendors in DevOps. Yeah, VictorOps is on that list.

What are you waiting for? Get the Buyer’s Guide to Modern Incident Management, go forth and prosper.