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Our HipChat Integration

Tara Calihman August 21, 2014


Collaboration has been a core tenet of VictorOps since inception. Anyone who has done this job knows that the real work begins AFTER the page, and more times than not, requires input from other team members to achieve quick remediation. To that end, VictorOps led with building chat and ‘twitter-like’ mechanisms into our platform from the very beginning.

But, after conversations with our wonderful and active customers, we’ve learned that integrations with horizontal chat platforms are an equally important part of information capture. People use all sorts of horizontal chat platforms and for various reasons. They typically use a combination of VictorOps chat while away from the office, and something like HipChat, Slack, Campfire or the real OG IRC while in front of their machines.


That’s why we are excited about releasing our HipChat integration. HipChat is a cool chat platform that many companies use to standardize communication across their enterprise. One organization we know has a hundred rooms across their enterprise. They came to us and asked “Can you make us a VictorOps firefighting room inside of HipChat?” So that’s exactly what we did.

Feel like chatting in VictorOps? Awesome. Prefer HipChat? We’re not gonna stop you. It’s now all one conversation.

Even better is that with this integration, the VictorOps Post-mortem Reporting will now include all conversations that take place in HipChat. In the heat of the moment, all ChatOps commands, conversations, escalations and so on will be captured in VictorOps as part of the problem resolution. So at the end of the day, DevOps teams will have a documented account of how the problem was solved making uptime reporting and problem resolution easier.

Now that we have a HipChat integration, we’ll tackle additional chat platform integrations - technically Slack’s up next.

For today, go forth and chat, knowing that we’re there to help you fight the good fight.

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