Holiday Hacks Wanted

Tara Calihman December 04, 2013

This time of year means two things: lots of time out of the office and lots of time spent with family.

Both of these activities can leave you looking for something else to do, so if you grow weary of buying presents or conversing with Grandma, perhaps you’d be interested in doing a little holiday hacking?


(We’re willing to pay you for your efforts!)

Now that we have your attention, you should know that Javier Segura took us up on our challenge over Thanksgiving and was able to write a Sensu integration in his sleep. Okay, it really took him 3 nights but he had so much fun doing it that he almost didn’t take the bounty. Almost.

"_I really enjoyed doing this as VictorOps provides an interface which is very easy to work with. They follow the Unix KISS principle, Keep It Simple Stupid. I'm also planning to do more integrations with the new ingestion API for other monitoring systems. It's easy to get things done, it just works_."   - Javier Segura

If you’re looking for some extra fun (and money), here’s what we’d like…

An integration that creates and resolves alerts by working with VictorOps through our new Alert Ingestion API.


  • The events in the monitoring system should send critical and warning alerts as Incidents using the VictorOps API.

  • If the monitoring system supports the concept of sending acknowledgments or resolutions, these events should be sent as well.

  • The ‘Alert fields’ are used appropriately to make the alerts as rich as possible. The API supports passing and displaying of any set of fields.

  • Make sure to use a programming language that makes sense for the monitoring system you’re planning to integrate with.

Your submission:

  • Include the fields you think are the most interesting so we can display them appropriately. You can see all fields by clicking the ‘more details’ button.

  • You can test your integration by signing up for our service and sending yourself alerts.

  • Invite & to your organization within VictorOps so we can take a look at what you’ve built.



  • Contact Joni to let her know what integration you’re tackling and she’ll detail your prize.

Other thoughts:

  • Follow VictorOps on Twitter and shoot us questions / feedback there.

  • If you want to create a more complex technical integration, we’re hiring! Check out our Jobs page for more details on how to join our team.

  • We’re happy to help you create documentation for your integration.

Don’t say we didn’t get you anything this holiday season. Now happy hacking!

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