Integrations from A - Z

Tara Calihman - July 23, 2014

We roll fast around here, which means pushing new integrations with every release. Here are a few that may have missed your radar, presented in alphabetical order:


AppDynamics proactively monitors, manages and optimizes the performance of applications across cloud computing environments as well as inside the data center. This integration allows AppDynamics users to utilize VictorOps as an Alerting Extension, which enables AppDynamics to send events and custom alerts into the VictorOps timeline. By surfacing this information directly to the right team members, action can be taken and problems solved more efficiently. More details can be found in our Knowledge Base. (Also, many congrats on the recent funding news AppDynamics!)


Dotcom-Monitor helps to uncover problems, provide answers and continually improve the performance and availability of websites and web applications. The integration with VictorOps extends the Dotcom-Monitor solution by sharing critical information from Dotcom-Monitor and creating an Incident in the VictorOps timeline whenever an alert is triggered. Know exactly what’s happening with your infrastructure at a glance by setting up this easy integration. See exactly how with this tutorial.


Because a new round of integrations is never complete without a startup featuring an animal, we offer you our Wormly integration. Wormly offers server monitoring, website monitoring and uptime monitoring to keep you online and performing fast. The integration between Wormly and VictorOps utilizes the generic email endpoint to send alerts from Wormly into the VictorOps timeline. You can dig into this simple integration here.


This integration is more in line with our Salesforce integration in that it allows you to get an alert in your VictorOps timeline when you receive a customer support ticket via Zendesk. A critical incident will be opened when a new ticket is created which can then be acknowledged from within the VictorOps app or by putting it into a pending state in Zendesk. When the ticket is closed, it will automatically resolve in VictorOps. Get to your customer’s issues as fast as possible, let the entire team know when something’s broken and achieve your inner Zen by enabling this integration. (We’re also in the Zendesk app store, if you want to check us out there.)