Introducing NewOps Days

Marlo Vernon March 28, 2019

DevOps Events
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NewOps Days is a community-based event being organized and sponsored by Splunk, Rundeck and the DevOps Institute. NewOps Days brings together all the best in IT operations and software development to help us continuously improve and keep pushing the industry forward.

We’re proud to join in with Rundeck, Splunk and the DevOps Institute in attending such a community-driven event. All of the sessions and talks are focused on helping individual IT and DevOps practitioners advance personal skills across all toolchains and processes. NewOps Days really is the first event series catered directly to DevOps and IT operations pros.

Creating a balance

With any new technology, or any change for that matter, there’s always a balance between new vs. old. People are naturally wired to be uncomfortable with the unknown. But, in order to continuously improve in a complex software-driven world, everybody needs to be open to new ideas and education. What types of systems need to stay in place? What needs to evolve? That’s why NewOps Days was established.

NewOps Days is a safe space for out-of-the-box, innovative ideas that will improve the lives of everyone working in DevOps and IT. There’s no reason to outright replace everything you’ve ever known – but why close your mind to new technologies and workflows? And the best part is, it’s completely free!

How to Make On-Call Suck Less

The future of IT and DevOps

Don’t get complacent with the way things currently work. NewOps Days provides an avenue for sharing learnings across different teams and technologies – leading to improved systems and operations for all of us. Hearing from industry experts and spreading the knowledge with other members of your team will ultimately lead to faster development processes and more reliable applications and infrastructure.

Through Splunk’s acquisition of VictorOps, our team is particularly excited at how we’ll be able to better serve our customers in the future. We’re creating a holistic solution for monitoring, alerting, collaboration and incident analysis. So, over time, you’ll gain deeper visibility into everything you build and maintain – and allowing you to act on that information.

NewOps Days is the perfect occasion for rethinking your tooling and workflows. Come by to talk to experts in all areas of the SDLC. Our team will be happily showcasing how VictorOps helps DevOps and IT teams make on-call alerting and incident response suck less. If you’re interested, stop by our booth or head to our product page.

If you’ll be in the Phoenix area on April 3rd, please come by and say hello! We’ll be handing out our world famous t-shirts and working to help all DevOps and IT practitioners make on-call suck less. Register for a spot today.

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