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Introducing VictorOps Enterprise

Joni Klippert January 19, 2016

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Today we are excited to announce a new product added to the VictorOps suite: VictorOps Enterprise. VictorOps customers are now offered a choice between an alerting and collaboration platform, and a more comprehensive Incident Management Suite. Say hello to the Enterprise!

VictorOps entered the market three years ago with a vision to provide a solution for the modern operations team. Existing point solutions that provided simple paging weren’t enough, and monolithic enterprise ticketing systems were too asynchronous and inefficient to keep up with the speed of software development.

As we continued to go upmarket into larger organizations, we found the need to create two products, VictorOps Standard and VictorOps Enterprise.

Both provide customers with way more than just a mechanism for receiving alerts – VictorOps gives you an environment in which to solve problems, get the right eyes on the problem quickly, and capture all of your remediation data for re-use and evaluation via our built-in post-mortem report. Both support continuous learning. And Enterprise really speaks to the demands rapid software deployment has on teams at scale.

Want to learn more? Here’s some detail on our offerings:

VictorOps Enterprise

This product is great for companies who are investing in continuous improvement in operations management. Organizations that have legacy enterprise systems that aren’t cutting it any more now have a platform with all of the bells and whistles for modern, efficient real-time incident management.

VictorOps Enterprise is a platform for companies who no longer just want to ‘respond’ to alerts. Progressive teams want to know that they are only getting paged by actionable alarms, the person on the other end of the page is the RIGHT person and is armed with documentation on how to quickly diagnose and resolve the issue -all via the Transmogrifier. The ability to append runbooks to alarms also helps organizations moving to microservices, and putting devs on-call, ensure that those receiving a page are armed with information on how to solve the problem. This reduces stress associated with an organizational shift from a NOC model or Ops Only on-call model, and helps to prevent burnout.

In addition, Enterprise customers can leverage **advanced reporting **to pinpoint noisy alarms, and dive into performance of other teams and team members through our user metrics report.

VictorOps Enterprise is a platform that allows for all types of collaboration – from native ‘chat’ collaboration, to bi-directional Hipchat/Slack communication– all the way to **built-in conference calling **that opens a bridge and allows you to get all of the right people on a call with just a couple of clicks.

Companies can also take advantage of features like **SSO and enterprise integrations **that make VictorOps part of your existing legacy systems and go as far as to provide a communication channel to non-technical stakeholders via our integration.

Oh, and unlimited API calls. We love those too.


**VictorOps Standard **

This product is great for smaller teams, or those just formalizing their on-call practices. It has enough functionality to grow into, but allows users to get started at a lower price point. It’s perfect for teams that have the vision to know that they need more than alerting and are looking to instrument for modern dev and ops practices.

Teams have everything they need for managing alerts and notifications, and they get an environment for efficient, collaborative problem solving, including bi-directional integrations with Hipchat and Slack. VictorOps makes it easy to capture remediation information in all platforms so that companies of any size are empowered to learn from their outages and improve - via the post-mortem report.

With VictorOps Standard, users have access to basic metrics reporting and ALWAYS have access to our awesome support team via email or phone. We’re here to support you no matter what product you purchase.

To see our feature matrix in more detail, visit the pricing page. Have questions? Email our friendly sales team and they’ll happily walk you through a demo of our feature functionality. Thank you for learning more about VictorOps and we hope to serve you in the future.

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