VictorOps: 2015 IQ Award Winner

Tara Calihman - October 22, 2015

We like to think of ourselves as smart, but it’s easy to forget that there’s a whole large world full of smart people out there. That being the case, it’s especially nice when someone else takes notice of what we’re doing and thinks we’re smart too.


This year, the BizWest IQ Awards were given out to local companies that are innovating in different arenas of business. We were nominated in the Software category, along with our good friends Quick Left and Knowledge Factor.

Much to our surprise that evening, we won! Mike Merideth, our Senior Director of IT, did a wonderful job representing us at the event. Not only did he have to talk, in front of a sold-out audience, about how our transmogrifier is changing the on-call game but he also had to answer the judge’s questions.

(Word is he had a monologue prepared in case the Talent category was used as a tiebreaker.)

Mike had this to say after the event…

> > "Coming from the tight knit Boulder tech community, it was eye-opening and inspiring to see the amazing things happening in medicine, manufacturing, sustainable energy, and business development all around us. VictorOps can't help but benefit by being surrounded by this much creativity and energy." > >


Many thanks to BizWest for honoring us as a 2015 IQ award winner. We will display our trophy proudly in the office and continue to believe that we’re smart people!